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[Kerala Users] Catch Google Pay ad on TV or YouTube and get assured ₹10 to ₹1000

Catch any Google Pay ad on TV or YouTube, and earn a guaranteed reward, a scratch card worth ₹10 to ₹1000.


How to get Free Sample of?

  1. When you see a Google Pay ad running on television or YouTube (any ads on this Google India YouTube playlist), open the Google Pay app. On the home screen, tap the On-Air icon

  2. Allow Google Pay to access your microphone in order to listen to the ad.

  3. The microphone only listens on this On-Air page, and the audio never leaves your device.

  4. Bring your phone close to the audio and stay on the On-Air page for at least 20 seconds for the Google Pay app to obtain an accurate match.

  5.  If the app finds a positive match, you will earn a scratch card!

    Youtube link: http://bit.ly/2NG6XGs



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