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Everyone loves best deals and price when shopping especially when the favorite footwear is on sale. However, before buying footwear online; there are plenty thing to consider to prevent wrong size purchasing.


Find best deals for shopping footwear online

The best way to keep updated with the sales and deals is to subscribe the mailing list on the websites. If you do not want the current email address to get a full notification; you can make an email account for the online shopping mailing lists. Once you get the best deals or voucher notification, you can use it for your next shopping. Moreover, before you buy from the certain online store, you probably would like to search and compare sales from different stores. Here in indianfreestuff, you can get the best deal from plenty of reliable stores such as Amazon.


How to footwear online shopping

Several years ago shopping means a trip to one or two department stores and tries several items. If the items fit your taste, you bring it home. However, the technology has been developed much. Shopping does not need to step your foot away from home anymore. Your gadget or laptop can be the good device to start online shopping. For your information, buying clothes of footwear online has different consideration when shopping offline. Here is what you need to pay more attention when buying footwear online.


Know the measurement – knowing your regular size is not enough since you different brands and manufacturer also have different size measurement. So, you have to know the exact size of your foot. Here is what you need to do: trace outline from both of your feet, then measure from the bottom to the top of your feet without round up. You also have to measure the width from the widest side of the foot. Using the exact size, you can use the chart size which most online shops provide to decide your size.


Make clear lists – you have to start the online shopping with clear lists since the collection of the shoes will definitely distract you. The lists will keep you focus on your necessity as well as save your time. Of course, it can save you from making an unnecessary and impulsive purchase.


Aware of shipping charges

Online shopping often offers good deal and sales however if you are not careful enough, the shipping price is as high as the shoes price itself. This is something to be considered carefully especially if the shipping price is way too expensive than the product or the store is originated from another country. Of course, you will need to pay tax and sort of thing.


Consider the arrival time

Shopping footwear or anything online will take a while for the items to reach you. If you are in urgent for the shoes to wear on special night; it is better to consider offline shopping. Of you can also use the fast shipping service to get the shoes in advance.